Our Story

Remember building with wooden blocks as a child? We do.

Remember arranging and configuring until you had built the perfect structure you envisioned? That pride in building still exists at MJ Rose. As a child, Martin, the owner of MJ Rose, built with blocks, took pride in his creation, and loved the final product. Through the years those building blocks have turned into actually sticks, bricks, and stones and those visions became beautifully designed and thought out homes. Martin will help you as you embark on a journey to build, to take part in creating something that you feel that certain pride that comes along with a masterfully crafted home. MJ Rose will help you build that home.

Just as we all had different blocks to play with everyone comes with something unique to bring to the building process. You may come with just the thought of wanting to build a home. At this point, MJ Rose can lead you to the lot that fits your family’s needs in regards to location and size. Finding the right spot to build a home can be one of the most important pieces in the process. MJ Rose can help you find it!

You may come to MJ Rose with a lot that needs a home. At this point, Martin can suggest the correct floor plans for the lot and again to match your needs and wants. Or, maybe you have the lot and floor plan; however, you need someone to build the home. MJ Rose can turn that paper into the home you will live in and love.

Building a home can be as enjoyable as building with the blocks as a child. It can be a fun and rewarding experience that leads you to a beautiful masterpiece that will stay forever. With MJ Rose you will have this wonderful experience and amazing product. We have listed the phase of our building services. Now, you can choose what describes your needs and give us a call to discuss it. We welcome you to build with us and we will welcome you home!